Searching for Porn?

Claiming to be a parody of Google, a search engine called Booble specializes in searches for pornography.

Google is not amused and appears to be suing them. Their case is essentially that Booble is not really a parody, but actually a pornography search engine disguised as a parody.

Why does this sound like an Ally McBeal episode?

Tangents aside, I was thinking about the whole idea of a pornography only search engine. Does the world really need one?

Pornography seems easy enough to find when you don’t want it. Ever try to look for the Whitehouse’s site and mistakenly type “.com” at the end? Let me just assure you that you won’t find very much politics there.

More annoyingly, porn sites appear to buy up domain names in order to drive more hits to their sites. I once clicked on the link to what I thought would be the website of an actor who worked on Babylon 5 only to find a website with much more skin and fluids than I anticipated–not to mention the roughly one zillion pop up adds that opened every time I closed a window.

Even innocuous searches can turn up new and unanticipated results based on some incident. Example: Try to find out if there’s a Hilton in Paris sometime.

Even if none of that were true, I can’t help but think that it’s probably fairly easy to find pornography with the real Google.

Not that I’ve tried, mind you.