Digital TV

So here’s something strange…

Today was the first day of all digital TV. No more analog TV. It’s gone.

I was at the local public access cable station last year and ended up talking to one of the employees about the upcoming switch and he pointed to an old black and white TV (that probably dated to the 1950’s) that they had in the office. He noted that it had been able to interpret TV signals from the beginning and would up until the switchover date and after that, never again.

For most people of course, the switchover doesn’t really matter. Most people have cable or satellite TV. For the other 13% of the country, it does.

I’m a member of that 13%.

Aside from a brief period in which I got 400+ channels for free as a result of trying AT&T U-verse, I’ve gone broadcast for my entire married life as well as a few months of my childhood.

Thus, when I heard about the digital switchover I was interested.

We got our digital converter box more or less immediately after receiving our government rebate on it. Full of anticipation, I tried it out as soon as I got it.

It worked, but I got a total of about two stations clearly and the rest were unwatchable.

That cooled my anticipation considerably.

I went back to analog, figuring that I’d enjoy it while it lasted.

Then came the first switchover date. Before Congress decided to move things back, I checked things out again.

It was worse. Almost nothing came through. I may have gotten one channel clearly enough to watch.

I changed back again, deciding to enjoy it while it lasted.

Thus, with no anticipation and a mental shrug of my shoulders, I switched yesterday, figuring that I might as well find out how bad it would be.

I was shocked.

I got eleven channels — all the local stations only now with multiple channels. Plus, I’ve always had rather static-filled TV reception in the past, but now I have pictures with no noticeable static at all.

The only station I appear to have lost completely is channel 54, and I don’t feel bad about that at all.

It’s bizarre. I’d never have expected it to result in anything resembling an improvement.

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