How Not to Rest on the Weekend…

It’s actually very simple to arrange. Sign up to do too much stuff.

On Saturday:
1. Kristen went to flute choir while I watched kids, wrote and tried to get them dressed to go pick up groceries.
2. By the time we finished with groceries, Kristen got back and I ran off to work on someones’ computer/dsl problem. Meanwhile Kristen attempted to clean up the house.
3. When I came back, I started supper for the seven people coming over that night.
4. Meanwhile Kristen brought kids to her mom’s.
5. When she came back, she cleaned some more…
6. And people arrived and then we actually had supper.
7. And then went to pick up kids from her mom’s.

On Sunday, we:
1. Went to church, trying (but failing) to arrive early because kids dance as part of the service.
2. Prepared food for a potluck for a church small group.
3. Kristen dropped off Becca at another kid’s birthday party…
4. And joined me (and Abby) at the potluck.
5. Except she ended up leaving early to pick Becca up from the party.
6. And I drove Abby back from the potluck…
7. Meeting at home to go to church for a visit with our church elder.
8. After that, we went home.


I wonder if we can do better next weekend?

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