Cable Television (AT&T U-verse)

My general thoughts about cable go like this:

It costs far too much for the amount of TV I actually watch. That would be about 0 to 2 hours per week (about the cost of going to a movie every week when you divide it up).

So anyway, you know what happened today? We got cable.

Here’s why:

AT&T offers a package that’s a combination of internet/voice over ip/cable and can include cell phones. We had all but the cable through AT&T already. Here’s the thing though… With the standard prices for U-verse, the cost drops by about $40 for us and the cable comes for free for the first month. After that, I can cancel the cable and keep the rest of the package. Alternately I can drop down to a more affordable cable (they give you top of the line for the first month) and end up paying roughly the same as I do now.

We’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Cable Television (AT&T U-verse)”

  1. So far it’s great. We’d had their pro package (1.5 to 3.0 Mbps down, 384 to 512 Kbps up) and moved up to their next highest (3-6 MB down, 500kbs to 1 Mbps up) and so far we’ve been getting near the higher end of that speed.

    It’s been reliable so far, but we’ve only had the fiber optic version for a day…

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