It’s Like They Were Saving It Up For a Big Finish

What follows a seriously fossilized post from earlier this spring that I never quite got around to finishing…

My kids were on spring break the last two weeks. Their school goes all year round with a few longish breaks. They’ve been home for most of that time with care being provided by Kristen and I, their grandparents, and daycare.

They’ve been good for the most part, but after a while at home kids get bored. Thus, here’s what happened on the last day of spring break:

1. Despite not being allowed to watch TV (due to an incident I will not reveal here), they turned on the TV anyway and started watching it. In response, I added another day on to their “no TV” sentence.

2. While bored and trying to find something to do they started messing with the computers. We have password protected our computers in an effort to limit their total TV/computer time to no more than two hours a day. As of this year, however, they can read. Our oldest daughter read the password hint. Our youngest daughter then asked Kristen to spell the name of one of our cats–and then they were into the computer (briefly).

3. When Kristen and I were sitting at the computers doing things that we found interesting, one of our daughters started walking downstairs and asking us questions. What sort of questions? “What is our street name? What state do we live in? What zip code do we live in? And finally, “What does V-I-S-A spell?” That was the point at which we discovered that they were trying to order butterfly larvae through the mail.

4. I ran to the grocery store later that night. When I came back, one of my daughters announced to me that “Abby S. is in bed already.” Here’s how she knew: Kristen taught them to use the phone that day. As such, one of our daughters had decided to practice. Practicing in this case meant that she had called people out of her school’s directory, some of them multiple times.

And told at least one girl chicken jokes (or so we heard from her parents later).

I was so very glad that Spring Break was over by the end of that day…

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