Odd Bible Verses

You know how you sometimes read the Bible and discover something that you didn’t expect was there? I’m not talking about anything spiritually meaningful in this case. I’m talking about finding something weirder than you expected.

Thus I’m including a link to Cracked magazine’s list of nine passages that qualify for what I mentioned above.

I’m not sure if it reflects well or badly on me that I was already familiar with all but one. In fact, I can think of at least one passage that I’m surprised they skipped.

For what it’s worth, here’s my commentary on Ezekiel 23:19-20 (which they didn’t skip).

Worth mentioning? The reason these passages are regarded to be odd is the prevalence of sex and violence. The Bible has more of that than you might think.

3 thoughts on “Odd Bible Verses”

  1. dude, hilarious. I read the list and your commentary, and just finished crying from the laughter.

    So, what are the odds there would be two theology students who decided not to be ministers and then wrote web-novels, with a penchant for super-heroes? And now hang out on Novelr…

    Are you me, in an alternate dimension? Because then you could take credit for No Man an Island and the Samaritan Project, and I can claim to have created Rocket…

  2. The odds? Surprisingly small and surprisingly good at the same time, it looks like.

    Now if you happen to have gotten a masters in Sociology and are a computer consultant as well, then things will get really scary.

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