Things I’d Like to See Less of on Reddit (and Why)

1. Ron Paul: There’s no chance in hell I’ll vote for the guy.
2. Atheism: Not an atheist. Just don’t care.
3. Why Bush is Stupid and Evil: I disagree with his administration on Iraq, torture/waterboarding, and various domestic issues. Do I have to hate him too?
4. Yet More Examples of Why Iraq is a Horrible Mistake: I agree. Why wallow in it?
5. Tasers/Cops are Fascists: There are good cops and bad cops. Good cops don’t make the news.
6. Reasons Why Religion is Stupid: I’m religious. I guess I’m too dumb to understand these articles.
7. Reasons Why the Economy will Tank Soon/Environmental Disasters/Other Scary but Unlikely Events: I’m interested in potential problems, but an awful lot of these articles make it sound as if everyone will die tomorrow. In short, too much hype repels me.

3 thoughts on “Things I’d Like to See Less of on Reddit (and Why)”

  1. Basically because he’s a libertarian. While there are things I like about that viewpoint, I find it more extreme than I am both on the economic freedom end and on the moral freedom end.

    Also, race related statements that he’s supposedly made in the past make me less enthusiastic than I might be.

    Here’s a link to the sort of thing I’m talking about…

    Mind you that’s not the main thing (for example, I’d like some sort of secondary confirmation of these claims before I can feel confident about them)… I could go down other issues one by one. but that would make for a really long post. Some examples: I disagree with him on the details of immigration reform. Size of government: I’m pretty sure I’d prefer a larger one than he and most libertarians would prefer. Healthcare: I want everyone in the country to have access to healthcare. I’m sure he does too, but I doubt we agree on how that is to be accomplished…

    Mind you, I agree with him on Iraq, but that’s not the only issue I’m voting on. Anyway, I could go on and on, but the jist of it is that we don’t have the same priorities.

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