In My Daydreams

So some people might remember a post in which I wrote about considering posting stories online. I’ve pretty much decided to do it.

“Pretty much” in this sense means that I’ve bought a domain and given myself hosting (I host web sites for small businesses), but, I haven’t bothered to put anything up yet.

Mind you, I’ve written stuff. Provided I go with my current plan of once/week updates, I’ve currently got a small buffer.

The URL will be, but it’s not currently worth the bother of looking. It might be in a couple days though.

2 thoughts on “In My Daydreams”

  1. Are you saying that if I choose to post stories online that there is no or little hope to publish that writing? I have just started looking into posting stories online. I am not real good at working on the internet. My son and his friend suggested that I try to post some short stories online. I am trying to figure out best sites that don’t cost anything. I do want to be noticed by publishers etc to notice my writings so I can get published.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

    There are two routes to publishing right now. The first is the traditional route. A person doesn’t have a huge chance of it happening, but if it does, they’ve got a publishing house behind them.

    For traditional publishing, the best thing you can do is keep your work off the internet because publishers want first time publishing rights. If you publish the story online, they’re gone.

    The other route to publishing is self-publishing. There, you put your stuff on a blog, or self-publish via Kindle or ebook. If you work hard at both marketing and writing, you can actually make money doing that.

    In fact, one of the more successful self-publishers (Amanda Hocking) was recently taken up by a traditional publisher–but for brand new books. Not for anything she published online.

    That being said, there are independent ebook published authors who are making six figure incomes off it.

    Thus… The key point… Publish online. It’s a good way to force yourself to write. It’s not a good way to get noticed by traditional publishers unless you’re so popular that you don’t really need them.

    Personally, I’m writing online, and working on stuff for traditional publishers too–but I’m not putting that online.

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