Get Your Racist Costumes Here…

My kids are looking forward to Halloween. They’ve been spending a lot of time looking through a costume catalog that came in the mail and informing us of what they’re going to be.

As someone who earned the odd graduate degree in sociology, I find that I can’t quite turn off that portion of my brain that automatically analyzes any document that I come across as a cultural artifact.

Hence I couldn’t help but notice that there were no black people in this catalog. After some more browsing I realized that I was wrong and that there actually were black men within its pages. Take a look…

Supa Mac Daddy

Two More Costumes

Fortunately there’s no racism any more or that might be offensive or something.

One thought on “Get Your Racist Costumes Here…”

  1. We got a similar catalog, and my daughter was looking at it during breakfast one morning, and said “Daddy, you could go as a Rich Man!”

    I looked, and it was a pimp with a big gold $ on his necklace.

    I always wondered why they dressed that way. Now I know. They’re RICH!

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