Posting Short Stories (Or Perhaps a Serial) Online?

I’ve been reading stories online lately.

I’m thinking specifically of Banter Latte, but I’ve noticed other* places** that are doing the same sort of thing.

By the “same sort of thing,” I mean putting original fiction online–not fan-fiction or slash.

Sometimes I think it would be fun to post some stories myself. It would certainly be easier than starting a web comic. For one thing, I wouldn’t be limited by either a) the fact that I can’t draw or b) finding an artist that would be willing to draw what I write without pay.

There would, of course, be some things to consider. For example, the fact that I’d have zero chance of publishing whatever I post. Publishers want the right to publish things for the first time and web sites count.

Thus I’d have to come up with a concept that is simultaneously cool enough to want to spend time on but also unpublishable. That way I only gain in that whatever I write has the potential to create interest in my writing while not losing whatever (small?) chance it had of appearing in a book or magazine.

Another thing to think about though, is that the speed at which I write is pretty slow. Thus, writing much of anything and publishing it on my blog would probably take time away from my novel–something I’m not enthusiastic about.

Another possibility? Just serializing my novel and password protecting it. That way friends of mine who want to read and comment on it can and it wouldn’t officially be published. Plus I’d get feedback on what works for people and what doesn’t.

On the other hand, I’d also lose the benefit of posting online in the first place in that people couldn’t randomly come upon a story of mine, like it, and stick around.

Of course, I could do both…

So anyway, there’s something for me to think about. With any luck, I actually will.

* Star Harbor Nights is superhero fiction and partly responsible for my current urge to play superhero games. Banter Latte can be blamed for the other half of that urge.

** Tales of MU, though interesting and well-written, includes more sex than I’m really comfortable with. I guess that makes me a prude.

3 thoughts on “Posting Short Stories (Or Perhaps a Serial) Online?”

  1. No, it certainly does not make you a prude that you’re uncomfortable with the sex… it’s being a prude that makes you uncomfortable. Horse, cart.


    The publication thing’s a real concern when you’re posting online, but it might surprise you how freeing it can be, too. Most of my online stories could have been written as a novel with the aim of being submitted to a publishing house, but I’ve been able to do some different things with them because I know that’ll never happen.

    If you do go for this, I suggest you don’t think of it as posting a novel online. Treat it as a whole new medium, and explore what that means for yourself.

  2. I’ve spent some time thinking about interesting ways of using the medium of the web to write stories–unfortunately I’ve been doing more thinking than writing in that area.

    Still I’d like to try something. I just don’t know what yet.

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