Does Anyone Want a Rock?

I want a rock!So I was driving to a client’s house late last week and I saw a rock.

It is owned by the River City Excavation Company. River City Excavation sells mulch, rocks, dirt and presumably excavation.

I happened to speak to someone who works there (my wife wanted me to find out how much mulch cost) and learned that the rock weighs 1300 pounds and would ordinarily cost $120. Nonetheless they are currently selling it for $82.99, dropping it by a dollar a day until it’s sold.

I hear that they’re a little worried because while it is on the corner, the people in the cars that pass seem to be talking on their cell phones instead of noticing it.

They’re considering placing a manikin in a bikini next to the rock (because there’s nothing that convinces you to buy rocks like a hot manikin…).

Anyway, if you’re interested, they’re located on Hall just on the east side of 131.

You know, they ought to be paying me for this.

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want a Rock?”

  1. what fate has befallen the rock?

    I like how they have a chain around the rock (cannot one simply lift the chain off the rock?).

  2. Yeah. The chain amused me too. Bearing in mind that the thing is 1300 pounds, there’s not much of chance of someone stealing it. Also, I can’t see a chain stopping someone capable of stealing a 1300 pound rock.

    Anyway, last I saw, the rock was $67.99.

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