Toy Electric Guitar

One of my daughters (Becca) recently had a birthday. One of her aunts (who will be left nameless) bought her a toy electric guitar.

You can’t actually play anything on it. It doesn’t have strings, but it does have five buttons high on the fret board that play prerecorded guitar riffs in different styles ranging from rock to blues to country.

She loves it and plays it a lot. Kristen and I are of course just a little sick of it.

Here’s a bit of actual play post birthday party:

To set the scene it must be noted that Becca and Abby have put down the guitar (Yay!) and are playing with the baby carriage that Becca also got. They are pushing dolls around in it and pretending that they are hurt.

Becca: Let’s take the babies to the hospital.
Abby: OK.

Becca: Baby, you are going to the hospital.

They push the stroller around the living room for a bit.

Abby: And let’s pretend that they pass a concert!

Things go downhill rather quickly from there.

Another scene:

Kids have gone to bed. Kristen (my wife) is cleaning up the living room and has picked up the guitar. She presses one of the frets and we can both hear the ensuing guitar solo.

Then she mimes beating the guitar against the floor.

Me: What are you doing?
Kristen: I’m imitating the Who.

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