Harry Potter Predictions

As the next Harry Potter book comes out relatively soon (about a month from now), I thought I would get my predictions of what will happen out in public.

The ones I’m fairly confident of:
1. Dumbledore really is dead. Admittedly this isn’t a prediction, but since some people argue that he’s secretly alive, I thought it worth mentioning.
2. Harry (or more precisely his scar) is a horcrux. For more on this, read my original post on the subject.
3. Harry will ultimately survive the seventh book. I’ve no reason to believe this, but it seems more probable to me at the moment. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if his death seems like an inevitability through a large chunk of the novel.
4. Ron and Hermione will also survive, but, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be seriously hurt.
5. The fact that Voldemort used some of Harry’s blood to embody himself will somehow help Harry.
6. Peter Pettigrew will ultimately somehow help Harry against Voldemort whether deliberately or no.

Predictions I’m not at all confident of:
1. That RAB stands for Regulus Black, Sirius’ younger brother. I’ve no clue whether he’s alive or dead though.
2. That Percy will ultimately be restored to the Weasley family–but I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies in the process.
3. That at least a couple Weasleys will die in the book as well as other Order of the Phoenix members (I don’t dare even guess how many) .
4. Arthur Weasley becomes Minister of Magic by the end.
5. Dumbledore was right about Snape and Snape will ultimately be fighting on Harry’s side. Why? Well, here’s a total guess… Remember the bit at the end of the sixth book where they mention that Snape told Dumbledore that the Potters’ deaths caused him to stop serving Voldemort? I’m going to guess that while Snape hated James Potter, he loved Lily. Thus he would have motivation to change sides after her death. Of course this is largely conjecture on my part…

Anyone else have predictions?

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter Predictions”

  1. Aww… But see, half the fun is allowing other people to make their (soon to be) embarrassingly wrong predictions available to the public as well.

  2. Good predictions, Jim. The only ones I have are on the deaths. Rowling said that two characters bite it, and I’m thinking it’s going to be Hagrid and Snape. Hagrid because I think one of the deaths will be someone close to the kids, and Snape because he will die sacrificing himself for Harry’s safety and help the inevitable destruction of you-know-who.

    Speaking of, I really need to re-read HBP before next month.

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