Annoying Mac Thing

I recently got out my iBook (which I like) after not using it for a bit.

In between the last time I’ve used it and the present, virtually everything that I care about has moved from being usable on Mac OS 10.2.8 to being unavailable except on 10.3 or better.

Ah, you say to yourself, just go update your iBook.

Alas, it’s not that simple. To update, I’ve got to go buy OS X again. Even for a slightly older point release that’s still something like $129.

Which is just plain annoying.

Mind you, I like Apple’s aesthetic. It’s just that (coming out of Windows and FreeBSD/Linux) I’m not used to paying for point releases. It just seems wrong somehow.

You might argue, of course, that Windows 98 was simply a point release for 95 and that XP was little more than a point release for 2000, but, for the moment, I’m going to pretend not to believe you.

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