Slice of Life: Before the Christmas Party

So last night Kristen and I went to the Christmas party for her new place of work. She now works at a for profit psychiatric hospital instead of a non-profit, church controlled, social work agency.

No surprise then that the annual Christmas party is held at the Amway Grand Plaza and the participants were expected to dress up. As in suits, ties and evening gowns (though not (obviously) all of those at once…).

I’m not really into dressing up, but I nonetheless decided to go to the bother of buying a belt, tie and pants that would match my suit coat.

I brought them home and showed them to Kristen. Afterwards we had the conversation that follows:

Kristen: What suit coat are you wearing with that?
Me: The blue one.
Kristen: You can’t wear black pants with a navy blue coat. You should have bought khaki. Black and blue don’t go together.
Me: They do with bruises.

She didn’t buy that one.

In the end though, there wasn’t any time left to buy new pants. I wore exactly that combination and I thought it looked okay.

I’ll find out exactly how okay in the near future. The event also included a photographer who took pictures of everyone before they went in.

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