As you may have noticed, I’ve been averaging about a blog post a week over the last couple weeks. That shows what holidays can do. Seeing family and friends takes away time you might use to do really important things.

Just in case you’re not catching my tone over the internet, that last comment was a joke. Ha-ha.

OK. So anyway, I got an email from Ed a few days ago that pointed out that the Star Wars Holiday Special (a piece so awful that Lucas has done his best to destroy all copies) is now available online.

The same blog that broke that news also pointed to a music video that is far, far funnier (not to mention stranger) in my opinion. It’s apparently a video made by a Scandinavian disco musician who attempted to immortalize the Apache tribe in song.

Words cannot describe it.

2 thoughts on “Apache”

  1. Most definitely so. I was amused to read someone in the comments saying “Now I know what band Satan has booked in Hell for all eternity.”

    That being said, apparently the story of Tommy Seebach (the keyboardist and singer) is rather sad in that he died of a heart attack at 58, suffered from alcoholism, and a period of prolonged unpopularity before his death.

    On the other hand, he was apparently one of the more popular figures in Danish music for a while.

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