My Kids Refuse Foods from a Wider Variety of Cultures Than Most Kids

I’m cooking Chicken Pad Thai. I do that every so often. Both my wife and I like it and I’ve finally managed to move it into the category of “Dishes That I Don’t Screw Up.”

Here’s an interchange between myself and one of my daughters:

To set the scene:
I have just put fish sauce into the mass of noodles, chicken, eggs, tamarind water, and preserved radishes.

Daughter: It smells like poop!
My wife: It does not smell like poop.
Me: It’s fish sauce. It smells like fermented fish.
An Aside: I actually think it smells like unwashed feet.
Daughter: It smells like your butt!
Another Daughter (pointing to the wok): I don’t like that!

4 thoughts on “My Kids Refuse Foods from a Wider Variety of Cultures Than Most Kids”

  1. I loooove Pad Thai, and I have made it myself too, although preparing that one meal sucked about 5 hours out of my life.

    Anyway, it’s funny … your daughter’s responses are the exact same thing my wife would say if I dared try to make this when she was home. Completely identical, down to the search for the correct bodily odor to compare it to. So you don’t have it that bad … at least someone else in the house eats what you make.

    By the way, where in the heck did you get preserved radish? That was the only ingredient I couldn’t find, and I looked at just about every asian store in GR.

  2. There’s an Asian store down at 44th and Breton next to “Taste of India.” The store actually covers Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indian foods. Probably Chinese and Vietnamese too, but that’s not my focus.

    Anyway, I couldn’t find the preserved radishes myself. I had to ask someone on the staff. They found it for my instantly.

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