Sometime this weekend I intend to install PC-BSD. PC-BSD is essentially FreeBSD with a focus on making things easier for the new user.

From what I’ve read, the installation is remarkably easy. Similarly, it’s also easy to install software thanks to the distribution’s method of packaging them. I don’t really fall into the new user category, but I am married to someone who wants to have sound and video on the Freebsd/Linux box that we happen to have as our second computer.

I’m sure it would be possible to make things work without installing a different version of FreeBSD, but honestly, I don’t feel like figuring out how and I’m hoping that things like that will be easier than usual.

We’ll see.

Anyway, watch this space and you’ll hopefully get to read about how wonderful installing it was. If not, you may get to read about me installing something else to see if I can make that work instead.

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