Summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Whitecaps Game
A couple weeks ago Kristen and I went to a Whitecaps game. While it won’t win any attendance records, we did have good time. The Whitecaps were behind (Visitors 1, Whitecaps 0) until the 7th inning–when someone managed to run home, making it a tie. In the 8th inning, they scored three more runs.

Hollyhock Lane Parade

hollyhocksm.jpgThe Hollyhock Lane parade is 72 years old this year, making it the longest running (without interruption) neigborhood Fourth of July parade.

Abby and Rebecca rode their bikes in the parade while Kristen and I walked next to them, pushing as needed.

Last year we just went to the parade, but this year we learned that the parade includes gathering in an alley (originally referred to as Hollyhock Lane) in the neighborhood for a speech by a local politician and eating cookies and popsicles.

Death of a Cat
smbabe.jpgA couple weeks ago we put one of our cats to sleep. He’d been having problems for around 6 years now. Always prone to getting infections of the bladder or ureathra, he now appeared to be on the way to kidney failure.

Rather than have him experience a death accompanied by pain and vomiting, we opted to have him put to sleep.

He’ll be remembered for many reasons. First of all because he loved attention from people and would jump on laps and stay even when you tried to get up. Second, because he was terrified of anything that resembled a guest, fleeing doorbells and visitors and hiding in remarkably inaccessible places.

Finally he’ll be remembered for places (outside the litter box) he peed (cats do that when sick). Babe is the reason that this blog often ends up being number one hit on Google for the words “cat pee toaster.”

It is, I admit, a dubious honor.

Still, I enjoyed having him around–most of the time.

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