Historical Map of Grand Rapids

Via Urban Planet’s Grand Rapids forum…

Take a look at the this old map of Grand Rapids. In addition to streetcar lines and a general sense of what Grand Rapids looked like early last century, you’ll find that each part of town has been labeled with the ethnicity of it’s residents.

For more, take a look at the thread “Grand Rapids Then and Now.” If (like me) you’re looking at it as a guest, you’ll have to click on the pictures to look at them. Members get the pictures within the messages.

8 thoughts on “Historical Map of Grand Rapids”

  1. Hello,

    I am currently doing research on the ethnic composition of Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods and managed to stumble onto your site. Where did you find the Grand Rapids city map with the ethnicities labeled? It is only one of three that I’ve seen with such labeling.


  2. I saw it on Urban Planet, a website devoted to talking about city planning. In one of their forums (the Grand Rapids forum), they were posting pictures and maps from the history of the city.

    What I’d do in your shoes is to get an Urban Planet account and look through the “Grand Rapids Then and Now” thread that I linked to in my post. In it, you’ll find the map and the person who posted it. Then ask that person how he found it.

  3. Dear Jim,
    I am trying to find out the ethnic composition of Grand Rapids around 1915 for a book I am writing about my family. I am not too skilled at looking up things on the net. I thought you might have this kind of info at your fingertips. I just want to know roughly what proportion was Dutch, like a third, or a quarter. Much appreciate a reply. Jeanne

  4. No idea. Early last century though to judge from the trolley lines. The Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago trolley line went out of business in 1928.

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