Um… Happy Birthday to Me?

So anyway, today’s my birthday. Not that this is of massive significance, but it is true. My wife and I went out to eat tonight, came home, paid the babysitter, and went about putting kids to bed. While I was giving them a bath, my wife came upstairs (she’d been starting the laundry), telling me that I probably ought to go read Local Area Watch. The author had responded to my post.

That struck me as kind of bizarre since there wasn’t really much to respond to. It was, after all, three lines.

Regular readers of this blog will note that I spend a certain amount of time on some posts and then pretty much toss off others. This was in the latter category.

See, I could have said, “Local Area Watch: A local blog following corruption in local business and politics.” Or, I could have said, “Local Area Watch: A blog about local politics. We need more blogs like it from all sides of the political spectrum.”

What I did say was, “Local Area Watch: …seems to be a blog devoted to reporting on things the author doesn’t like about various organizations and individuals in Grand Rapids.” Though it wasn’t supposed to, it sounds dismissive of the whole enterprise.

Ironically, the blog post in question was supposed to make people aware of local web sites that take on big issues in the community–as opposed to my blog which typically takes on such burning issues as cat drool and poor martial arts techniques found in old movies.

So anyway, I am reminded again that people actually read this thing. I’ll have to edit myself better in the future.

One thought on “Um… Happy Birthday to Me?”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jim.

    Your remark about our website, the Local Area Watch, probably would not have prompted a public response from me except that it followed on the heels of some odd remarks about our mission made by other bloggers.

    I sometimes use such occasions as an springboard for a general statement to remind our readers about L.A.W.’s purpose and principles. So I did have an agenda. Although I didn’t deliberately shoehorn your remark about L.A.W. to fit in, I can see how I read a harsher tone into your words than were intended.

    My apologies.

    Best regards,
    Bill Tingley

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