Memorial Day 1988

In an effort to cleanse the mental palate of my last picture (of cat drool), I upload these two for your viewing pleasure along with a bit of explanation.

Kevin (Warlord of Marz) sent me these pictures (and a few more) of an occasion on which we and a number of other people walked from Holland, Michigan to Saugatuck along the beach. Inexplicably, I decided that all picture taking must be accompanied by me sticking out my tongue and going “Bleh!” Thus, I look like an idiot in all these pictures. On the bright side, it appears that I may have a future in music should Gene Simmons retire from KISS.


This second picture is funny on a couple different levels. One is that I am probably sticking my tongue out while imitating the whole Karate Kid crane technique thing. The other is that I’ve never seen the Karate Kid and shudder inwardly every time I see the crane technique. Why? I trained in Tae Kwon Do (a martial art much like karate) for a few years. Tae Kwon Do concentrates on kicks much more than karate does.

When I see shots from the movie what I see is someone who’s just about to get really badly hurt. As the movie shows that move, it has the person holding their arms in a position that makes it impossible for them to block anything. Secondly, the kick is delivered to the face which is dumb because kicks to the face are pretty easy to block (not to mention slow). Worse, its also pretty easy to grab the leg, yank the kicker off balance, and then do a little dance on them.

Personally, I’m inclined to go for the knee and keep my hands in front of me so that I can block. Well, with the exception of this picture obviously:


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