Getting Ready for the Day

The scene: Kristen and I are getting ready for the day. She is in the shower. I am shaving and not paying attention to much beyond shaving.

The conversation:
Kristen: I just got a shot of cold water.

I continue to shave, adding a little more water to the sink so that I can rinse my razor.

Kristen: It happens every time you do that.
Me: Do what?
Kristen: Turn on the water.
Me: (Pause. Then laughter as I realize the entertainment potential of this)

Kristen: Jim. Don’t be evil.

Of course just turning on the hot water (making the shower cold) is not that evil. True evil would involve both turning on the hot water and flushing the toilet (making the shower hot) at unpredictable moments.

Not that I would do that.

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