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A couple weeks ago, I found that had no internet access. As someone who does computer programming and network/server administration from home, this is disastrous. Fortunately for me, this happened after 5 p.m., meaning that it didn’t interfere with me working at all.

I wasn’t initially bothered because one thing you do learn when working at home is that “always on” DSL does occasionally have its moments of being off. My general experience is that they are few and far between, but they do happen.

After the second hour, however, I called tech support to see if DSL was out in my area for some reason. It wasn’t. After a bit of fooling around, it turned out that DSL worked just fine if my computer connected directly to the modem without including the router.

Upon rebooting the router and looking through it’s configuration, however, I found that somehow all the DSL information had disappeared. I re-entered it and found that things worked. Sort of.

It wasn’t initially obvious, but I found that large files downloaded more slowly than usual. Worse, wireless internet connections seemed to result in time-out errors about half the time.

Finding this unbearable, I bought a new router from Amazon, recieved it Wednesday and finally installed it today. I’m not sure what was wrong with the old router, but things seem very much back to normal with the new one.

Speed is good.

2 thoughts on “New Router”

  1. A Dlink 524. It wasn’t bought out of a like or dislike for Dlink but mostly because it was cheap ($44 with $25 rebate).

    And it works…

    Incidentally for those of you with a Dlink wireless router out there in the world: Go to the “performance” section of the configuration dialogue. Change it from “short” preamble to “long preamble” or your iBook with airport wireless card will not work…

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