Firefox 1.5 Mac Bug

I don’t know if anybody else has this, but when I’m using Firefox 1.5 on my iBook, I’ve got an annoying problem.

Firefox has an auto-complete feature. That is to say that when I’m typing something into a form, a list of stuff that I’ve typed in appears under the form box. I can then move down the list and choose the one I need and save myself the bother of typing all of it.

At least that’s how its supposed to work.

Here’s what actually happens:
1. I begin typing.
2. It creates a list of words with the same letters.
3. I move the mouse pointer over it.
4. The little multi-colored circle appears that indicates that the program is doing something.
5. It stays there.
6. Forever.
7. And doesn’t do anything else.
8. At that point I get annoyed and kill the application.

Interestingly, Firefox does not have this problem either on Windows or FreeBSD. Maybe I should update the version I’m using on the Mac.

One thought on “Firefox 1.5 Mac Bug”

  1. Yep, I had the very same problem with Firefox 1.5 (and the version before it, which was the first Firefox version I used) under 10.2.8. Every once in a while it would actually NOT happen and at one point I figured out what pattern of events was causing or not causing it. But no matter, I just turned the look-ahead feature off in the prefs and I’ve had no problem since.

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