Grab Bag of Half-Formed Thoughts

I’ve got a few thoughts that don’t really fit together, but aren’t developed enough to warrant their own entry. Rather than develop them, I thought I’d get them out of my head in one fell swoop.

This Blog
I’ve been thinking about getting a little more organized about this blog. Rather than just spitting out what happens to be in my head, it might be interesting to deliberately try to cover certain topics. For example, one day a week I might do commentary on a webcomic, novel or movie. Another day I might regularly write on programming topics, cooking or something else. Nothing is set in stone, but I’ve been thinking that more focus might help.

I’ve been wanting to start one and have even done some preliminary character sketches, but haven’t. It’s a lower priority than my novel, so don’t expect to see it soon.

I’ve been having a good time working on it, but I’ve mostly been doing the background work that I should have done long ago. I’ve been working on character motives, plot arcs, thinking through thematic elements, and generally trying to set things up so that I can make the current draft go as quickly as possible.

Programming Projects
Let’s see… I’m trying to learn Ruby so that I can use it with Rails, and investigate AJAX. I’d also like to expand the PHP based content management system I wrote for work. I’ve been thinking that there’s a way we could use it to manage email lists and write/send our email newsletters.

And then there’s the master’s project…

Role Playing Games
Back in July when I first started messing with adapting Dogs in the Vineyard to my campaign idea, I thought up something I wanted to try. Unfortunately, it seemed to violate a person’s control over their own character. I’m thinking that I’d like to revisit that one in light of current discussions on Vincent’s blog. Apparently, he’s deliberately entering into that area.

General Blog Maintenance
I noticed recently that my blogroll doesn’t include half the blogs I actaully read. I should change that. I’d add the webcomics too except that the list is embarrassingly long.

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