A Few Search Strings

You’ll pardon me if I engage in a bit of navel gazing for the moment. Here are a few actual search strings that led to my blog yesterday…

i have a scream speech (Still… and despite the fact that Howard Dean gave that speech a while ago)

grand rapids prostitutes (No clue how they got me through that)
men pudding wrestling (Eek.)

2 thoughts on “A Few Search Strings”

  1. …’cause when I think “Grand Rapids prostitute” I think “Jim Zoetewey.” Ironically, you will now receive *more* traffic based on those search terms. :-) Your name regularly shows up in my blog’s logs resulting from Google searches for it. I cannot figure out if folk are really looking for *your* blog or if there are that many named “jim zoetewey” in this world.

  2. There shouldn’t be a whole lot of people with my name, so I’m guessing they must be looking for me (or my dad or my grandfather…).

    Everyone in the US and Canada with the last name Zoetewey is (or is married to) a relative of mine. There are more Zoeteweys back in the Netherlands, but they spell it differently.

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