Christmas Party

So we went to my boss’ Christmas party tonight, intending to stay for half an hour and leave. We intended to stay only briefly because we brought our kids and it really was an adult gathering. The thing is though, that the kids knew almost everyone, were well behaved, and we felt totally comfortable with them being there.

So we stayed two hours. At the end of two hours, we decided that we definitely must get out of there. With that decision made, we were standing in the dining room and I was talking to someone. The conversation (as I remember it) seemed pretty interesting. One of my daughters came up to me. She was standing in front of the table of food, just where the carpet ended and the wooden floor began.

As I was talking a seemingly endless stream of vomit spewed from her mouth, landing both on the carpet and the wooden floor. While this happened, it seemed that every person in the house magically appeared in the dining room with us–including my boss’ wife–who is my wife’s supervisor’s supervisor.

“Well,” I said to the now crowded room, “now I know why we generally don’t bring kids to this sort of thing.”

And then we started with the paper towels.

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