Movies: Saved!

On Friday night, Kristen and I watched the movie Saved!

The story:
After discovering that her boyfriend is gay, Mary, a senior at American Eagle Christian High School, attempts to save him by having sex with him. Despite this, he’s committed to an institution for “de-gayification” and she spends the year attempting to hide her pregnancy from the rest of the school. Despite the fact that her pregnancy isn’t known, circumstances related to it manage to alienate her from a friend, the school’s “queen bee” Hillary Fae.

Things get crazier from there, of course. Some things that amused me:
–The white school principal/local pastor attempting to connect with the kids by using ebonics. As in “God is in da house!”
–The massive “Jesus” sign next to the school parking lot.
–Macauley Culkin does well in a role that doesn’t require him to be under 10 and cute.
–Hillary Fae’s attempt to exorcise Mary

In Case You Remember the Controversy:
Despite what some Christians seemed to believe when the film was relesed, the film does not relentlessly mock Christianity. I’d say that all the characters, even the “villain” of the piece, get treated with sympathy and affection. If anything, the film mocks self-centered zealotry as opposed to religion.

As someone who went to a Christian school himself, I found familar elements within the film. Of course, the film concentrates the piety, the Godtalk, and the sillier aspects of evangelical teen culture to a level not seen in a real school. It is a comedy after all. That’s how you get a laugh.

And I laughed a lot while watching it, so it seems worth it.

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