Medieval Toilet Seat–Sort Of

My wife gets several catalogs which boggle my mind. They are full of a few cool things, but also a lot of really, really useless crap. The picture below comes from a catalog that is an utter mystery to her as it’s full of psuedo-medieval, fantasy and wiccan items. Not being Wiccan, she has no idea how she got on their list. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that I can’t imagine any of the few Wiccans I know buying a toilet seat that looks like this.


3 thoughts on “Medieval Toilet Seat–Sort Of”

  1. i get this same catalog, I am not a wiccan…but I do have two young children and I find many things in these catalogs useful for decorating their atmosphere in a castle theme. Which there really love. This toilet seat help transform there bathroom into a very fun place to be.

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