Pictures from Northern Michigan

beachnuke.jpg The beach at Charlevoix. If you look at the upper right of the picture, you’ll see a nuclear power plant. It just makes you want to go swimming, doesn’t it?

UPDATE:It’s actually a cement plant. See below.

hammock.jpg Kristen reading in the hammock at Applesauce Inn.
walking.jpg Kristen while we went hiking at the Grass River Natural Area.
forsale.jpg A dump truck. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there’s a sign in the window saying it’s for sale. You know you want it.
internetcafe.jpg When Kristen learned that I’d brought my ibook along she was not happy. She seemed to believe that you’re supposed to leave computers at home during vacations. Fortunately for me, I happened to have it along when we went to Charlevoix, enabling me to occupy myself while Kristen went to the crafts fair. I waited for her at the coffehouse pictured on the left. As it turns out I could have sat down anywhere. Downtown Charlevoix has wireless internet access.

2 thoughts on “Pictures from Northern Michigan”

  1. top photo is not nuclear plant (which has been decommisioned) but the cement plant just south of charlevoix.

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