A while back, Audioscrobbler came out. Basically, it’s a service that allows your mp3 player to automatically submit the music that you listen to to a website. You can then find other people who listen to the same music, find out what sort of music people who like a particular group also listen to and generally learn interesting yet not immediately useful things.

Alas, audioscrobbler got so bogged down by people’s interest that a person couldn’t actually sign up to use the service (or even submit anything) until just recently. All you could do was download the plugin that allows you to do it.

Well anyway, it’s fixed now and everything works again. And I signed up. Thus, you can now find out exactly what I’ve been listening to lately.

Due to the fact that I ripped a bunch of Yes albums into mp3’s this morning, the picture of my listening habits is rather skewed. I’m sure this will be corrected over time.

2 thoughts on “Audioscrobbler”

  1. I’ve got a lot of Yes. Much, much more than anyone should have, yet not nearly as much as is available. I’ve got newer albums (1997+)that interest me, most of the pre-90125 stuff and YesYears, the 4 CD compilation of pretty much everything up to 1991.

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