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Having come across the phrase “air blogging” on Nate’s blog, I’ve got to admit that that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been thinking about lots of things that I could blog, but haven’t actually been writing much. From a 3 to 4 per week schedule, things have slipped to twice a week. That’s better than a few weeks earlier this year in which I managed to write absolutely nothing, but not as good as I’d like.

In particular, I’d like to be writing more reviews of things that I’ve found cool or interesting (webcomics, kid’s programs/movies, software, ethnic foods/restaurants). I’d also love to be writing more about religion. I spent a few years of my life getting a B.A. in religion as well as a couple years in seminary and often feel an urge to write about all that, but haven’t so far.

In lieu of writing something interesting, I’ll just give a quick rundown of some things I wanted to write about:

Master’s Project:
I haven’t done a thing on it in the month. I’m not sure why. I imagine I needed a rest from it bearing in mind that it was the source of much stress for me in April. Basically, if I hadn’t gotten an extension on that project, I would have had to finish it at a very unsatisfactory point in it’s development or simply take my master’s project hours over again. That would have been a massive waste since those hours are all I need to finish the program.

I really want to do more role playing games, possibly even run a campaign. At this moment I’m tryng to figure out some basic rules for conflict resolution and character creation. Then I’ll be ready to playtest things. Ed… I may need to bounce some ideas off you with regards to mechanics.

Again, I haven’t done much with this since beginning my master’s in Information Systems. Masters degrees tend to kill what spare time you have.

Basically I’ve got a pile of stuff to write about here. I’ve recently installed FreeBSD 5.4 on my FreeBSD box. It’s less convenient to install that the 4.x series. In the 4.x series, you could pick your window manager and install Xfree86 as part of the install process. In 5.4, you install X.org and the window manager as packages (or ports) after you’ve installed the basic system. There’s some sort of patch necessary to make gdm work that I still have to research and install. Once I get that going, I’ll be able to get back to things like my soundcard, cd-rw, flash, java, cvs, usb 2.0 (it works in 5.4…), and all the other programs I like have running on Freebsd.

Knowing that I’m going to spend hours configuring my machine is the sort of thing that makes me run screaming toward the Mac OS X or Windows XP. Which reminds me…

My iBook no longer recognizes my router to be a wireless access point. I’m pretty sure that the router’s the problem as the laptop works just fine at Kava House, detecting something like 4 available networks the last time I was in.

Remembering the previous President Bush’s visit to Hope College while I was attending, I was interested to watch the whole mess at Calvin College a couple weeks ago. One thing irked me though…

Dr. Jelks appeared on Hannity and Colmes. In the course of the conversation, Hannity said the following to Dr. Jelks:

HANNITY: I find this fairly amazing coming from — you know, you’re upset about the president’s position on the issue of a war and the last resort. And you believe the administration launched an unjust war, et cetera.

You say that his environmental policies have harmed creation as part of this letter.

Do you know what bothers me about your position? This is for both of you professors. If both of you had your way, those mass graves would still be being filled. I have yet to see a letter to Saddam Hussein (search) from either one of you.

If you guys had your way, the torture chambers and the rape rooms would exist. You two obviously haven’t looked at the pictures of dead babies laying in the street because Saddam launched weapons against them.

Where’s your letter against Saddam? Because it would still continue if you had your way.”

This sort of thing annoys me immensely. There are good arguments for going into Iraq with force just as there are good arguments for using other means to remove Saddam Hussein from power. This sort of attitude toward other people’s views makes talking through an issue and coming to some sort of workable agreement impossible.

That I’ll write more on that sort of thing is more or less inevitable. It’s admittedly pointless since extreme views probably make better television than careful, nuanced views, but I just can’t think that that sort of speech helps anyone either on the right or the left.

2 thoughts on “A Collection of Random Comments”

  1. I personally think Sean Hannity is an idiot. I realize that is just the sort of hyperbole and vitriol he likes to spew in the name of ratings, but everytime I hear him (*never* intentionally…) he is needling someone in an attempt to get an excited reaction that leads to a mispoken comment on which he then pounces (or pounces on the “fact” that he/they “refuse” to answer his “direct” question). There are far better conservative apologists to watch or listen to who more reasonably defend the conservative position.

  2. I’m sure that there are better conservative apologists. I’ve heard William F. Buckley interviewed before (for example) and he sounds like a reasonable, intelligent guy. I’m confident that there are more like him.

    There’s something that I strongly dislike about people whose purpose seems to be rousing emotions and demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I can’t help but wonder how much of it is due to the medium (television) and how much is the current political climate.

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