Thai House

Kristen and went out to shop for a cousin’s wedding shower on Friday night.

Desperate for food, we also went to Thai House (6447 28th St Se, Grand Rapids, MI 49546). Our motivation for going was partially because we’d been curious about Thai House and partially because it wasn’t far from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I haven’t been to a lot of Thai restaurants. Before this, the only other Grand Rapids’ Thai restaurant I went to was “Bangkok View” (which I like).

I’d describe Thai House’s decor as “strip mall storefront with tables and some ethnic stuff.” It’s a nice looking place, but they aren’t really investing in decorations. That’s probably just fine as the food is quite good.

We ended up bringing our kids along and that worked out pretty well. The waitress made an effort to entertain them, made sure that their portion of the meal arrived quickly (we ordered them satay–marinated chicken on skewers), and even allowed them to choose candy from a large basket of candy at the end of the meal.

We ordered one of the two person meals that combines soup, spring rolls, and two main dishes. The main dishes consisted of a chicken dish in what might have been a soy based sauce and a pork and green pepper curry in what was definitely red curry and coconut milk. Kristen seemed pretty sure that I’d made the pork and green pepper curry at some point.

I think she may be right, but I’m not sure. I’ve made a fair amount of Thai food at home, but I don’t keep track of which recipes. In this case, I think I’ve made a version that used chicken instead of pork.

Thai House had one thing that I hadn’t ever noticed before–“Hot Ginger Tea.” As a person who is irrationally curious, I decided to order it. The waitress looked at me, paused, and asked me “Have you ever ordered this before?”

I’m guessing that non-Thai customers generally don’t order “Hot Ginger Tea.”

She brought out a small cup of it for me to taste. Here’s what I discovered: It definitely clears the sinuses. It smells like a tea made out of ginger (i.e. strong). It tastes pretty good though–if you like ginger. Don’t expect sugar. It’s not available.

After I indicated that I liked it, she brought out a small pot.

The food that I had there seemed less sugary than I’ve gotten at “Bangkok View,” making me wonder if “Bangkok View” might be catering to western tastes a little more. On the other hand, Thai recipes that I’ve made also sometimes include a fair amount of sugar. It may be that we just ordered food that doesn’t have much. We’ll know more if we go back more often.

We’re likely to do that.

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