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I tend to like stories with big, mythic underpinnings. I like Utukki quite a lot.

Written by Krista and Michelle (I don’t know their last names…), Utukki imagines that the gods and heroes of Babylonian mythology once existed and that even now a few still survive. More to the point, some are mysteriously connected to some American high school students (an inexplicably large number of online comics feature high school students, what’s up with that?).

I’d like to say more, but if I do, I’ll probably end up blowing the tension for most of the first part of the story. Here’s what I can say: I like the fact that it’s not yet entirely clear who the “villain” is. So far, the characters are just acting like they are people with independent interests and (mostly) understandable motivations.

I like the art. It’s in a generally manga-ish style (though that’s not what I like about it). The style of the art is neither an attraction nor liability for me, but, art communicates what it needs to. I have no trouble following what’s going on–something that can’t always be said for some comics I’ve seen that probably have technically better art.

The only thing I can really complain about with the comic is the inconsistency of updates. It used to update regularly, but hasn’t in a while. The authors have an excuse. Krista (according to her live journal) has in the course of the last year: moved in to take care of sick parents, assisted her sister in dealing with some unpleasant issues, lost and gained a job, and has recently gotten engaged to be married to someone with 2 kids (making her a stepmom).

A comic would be lower on my list than any of those things. It sounds like Krista fully intends to work on it again, but not immediately.

I’d recommend that people read it anyway.

2 thoughts on “Online Comics: Utukki”

  1. I hadn’t prior to your post, but it does look interesting. I’m partway through chapter one at the moment. We’ll see what I think when I get to caught up to the present date.

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