Nearing the End of the Year

With Christmas nearly over, we’re just about to begin the annual mulling over of what’s happened in the past year and what we hope for the future.

I don’t really set new year’s resolutions. I don’t like them much. I’m not sure why. I do, however, have goals and hopes for the new year. Last year I basically had three goals: First, to finish my grad school program. Second, to get a full time job. Thirdly, I thought it would be nice to start a web log.

Well, I did manage to start a blog. As for the first two goals… Well, I’m working on it. My master’s project is in process. I still have a lot of work to go. That being said, I am done with all my other classes. As for the new job… I’m still working on that one too. I’ve gotten some interviews though.

Was this year a good one? I’m not sure. There have been high points and low points. I still haven’t sorted out which were more important.

I’m also still sorting out what I need to do next. Obviously finding decent paying work is important and so is finishing my project, but what else? I’d like to connect with more people again. I’d also like to play more role playing games.

I’d love to get back to writing fiction. I’ve got multiple drafts of one novel that I had to stop work on due to lack of time (in the form of grad school and kids). I’ve got another novel or two that I’ve been daydreaming about recently. I’ve mostly been thinking about characters and setting, but I’m moving in the direction of a plot. When I do, it’ll be hard not to start writing.

There are a few programming languages I’d like to learn: erlang, lisp, ruby, and (on a practical level) C#.

I also wouldn’t mind learning more about graphic design, drawing, photography, and the various Adobe programs that help you do them. I’m interested in starting a webcomic too. I read enough of them.

I’ll concentrate on the practical stuff though. Paying the bills and fulfilling responsibilities comes first. Play later.

Still, the new year could be an improvement over this last year. It wouldn’t be too hard.

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