More Key Phrases

A couple weeks ago my wife told me, “You should do that thing Nate does and write about the searches that lead people to your blog.” As of now, I am stuck for something interesting to say and have decided to do it.

From the “I Really Shouldn’t Have Written That, Should I?” Department
Thanks to an entry I once made, I appear to be something of an authority on cat urine:
cat pee
finding cat pee
why cats pee on things

And Ant Removal:
exploding ant
ants in the dishwasher
chalk ants
ants yeast
exploding ants -book -adapt

And Poison Control Advice For Pets:

cat was licking ant trap

From the “That’s What You Get From Putting ‘Online’ in Your Name” Department
online rpgs
driving games online that are not blocked
ad&d tome of magic online
harlan ellison online stories (Note: Harlan would sue me if I actually had some on this site…)
cookbooks online with pictures
deerslayer online
beavis and butthead online
online telekenesis test (Hint: If you have to take an online test to find out, you probably don’t have telekinesis)

From the “I Only Wish My Blog Were That Cool” Department
the human genome project the ethical situations
mysql html conference registration
menu for san chez (As in San Chez Bistro. A very good place to eat)
babylon 5 storylines
banning of mark twain s books in 1800 s

From the “Thanks for the Hit, But You Won’t Find It Here” Department
checking tires that have a thump in them.
parse huge files with sax java
lawn moves on your head to too (Er… Maybe you could be a bit more precise?)
pictures of a drunk person s brain \ (What’s the “\” for?)
fine ham abounds (Thanks Ed)
brother can you spare a dime sheet music
how to record steamed music to pc (steamed music?)
bed sheets that toddlers can t remove (They don’t exist. Trust me)
protecting christmas tree from pets (Likely a lost cause)
how to stop someone driving on lawn
9 princes of amber in ad&d
fix gas leak (My suggestion? Call your gas company. NOW)

From the “Probably Actually Found What You Wanted” Department
war phillipines iraq parallel

5 thoughts on “More Key Phrases”

  1. Two things, Jim:
    1) The \ isn’t for anything… on most keyboards it’s just above the Enter (or Return) key, so it’s a common mis-key.
    2) I choose to believe that the “how to stop someone driving on lawn” result came from the very guy who chased after you in his truck, because that would be deliciously funny.

  2. Hey, my previous comment could perhaps be styled as a sort of conceited game. Go someplace that hosts a crowd and perform something zany and distinctive. Then, spend the next week doing Google searches to see if anyone wrote about you on their weblog. The challenge would be twofold… first, to do something interesting enough for someone to write about it, and second, to do something specific enough that it could be effectively Googled.

  3. I’d find it hilarious if it were the guy who chased after me, but I can’t say that I really want him to know as much about me as he might after reading my blog.

    On the other hand, (should he be reading this) I can’t help but think that a well placed bush would solve a lot of problems.

    As for the \, I suppose a person seeking pictures of a drunk person’s brain, might be intoxicated enough to make a typing mistake or two.

    On the second comment… It would be a great game, but it’d need someone with a lower threshold of embarrassment than I have. I feel like I’m all too likely to do something like that without trying.

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