Comment and Trackback Spam

Comments and trackbacks are part of what makes writing a blog interesting. It’s just nice to know that someone else read what you wrote and cared enough to respond.

This makes it doubly annoying when someone decides to up their google ranking by filling your site with references to drugs, gambling and pornography, using comments and trackbacks to do it.

I don’t plan to turn them off, but I don’t much enjoy having to delete upwards of 30 comments in the past 2 days. I’m lucky in that MT-blacklist did catch them all, but I still had to permanently remove them myself–which is as it should be. A program that deleted them without giving me the option of approving them would probably remove comments I wanted as well.

Despite knowing that I should probably feel charitable even towards spammers, rage and frustration dominate my thoughts about them.

I think about how cool it would be if they experienced a shock for each comment spam. Perhaps more appropriately, I think back to an article on Slashdot. A spammer gave an interview and talked about his new home. Some readers figured out where he lived and signed him up for hundreds of magazines and infinite junk mail. He got angry and threatened to sue, but, so far as I know, no one ever went to court.

It’s a pleasant fantasy, but, I doubt I’d be able to do the same. Still, whoever it is deserves to experience the results of their actions. It can’t happen soon enough.

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