Online Comics: Demonology 101

I’m a bit of a sucker for contemporary fantasy that simultaneously has an epic sweep while connecting the massive universe affecting events to the main character’s day-to-day humdrum life.

Knowing this, I suspect I should be some sort of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanatic. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have cable so I missed it all. Fortunately for me, I do have internet access and thus haven’t missed Demonology 101.

Demonlogy 101 is about Raven, a high school student who also happens to be a demon. She’s a pretty decent person despite that.

It starts around a year after Network (an organization that fights demons’ minions in this world) has been destroyed. Raven is entering high school for the first time after having been home schooled at Network for most of her life.

At the same time, her guardian, Gabriel, is learning about what’s happened to some friends of his from Network.

Those are the two main strands from which the whole story flows–school and the shadowy supernatural events that only the main characters in the story are aware of.

The danger in this sort of story is that you can lose track of the personal and only be left with the epic. Demonology 101 manages not to do that, giving a decent amount of time to Raven’s relationship to her friends and to her guardian–not to mention a bit of the feel of high school.

Of course with demons being involved some sort of epic sweep is inevitable. You’ve got Heaven, Hell and the relationship between their representatives, the possibility of ending the universe, and a bit of the feel of Hellblazer (unintentional, I think).

I loved Hellblazer in college. Haven’t picked it up in a few years though.

Back to Demonology 101… As with many one person writer/artist authors, the art starts out worse than it eventually becomes. In this case, it starts out pretty good due to the fact that she re-drew the first chapter. In the second chapter it gets worse, then continually improves till the end.

That’s the other thing I should mention. There is an end.

I like endings. I don’t enjoy it when I feel like the story is going to go on forever just like it is now. Demonology 101 wraps up storylines, has a climax and moves merrily on to the finish. At 700 comic sized pages, it’s not exactly short, but it is an ending.

I started reading it around 5pm last Sunday and finished (almost without stopping) around 1:30am.

I’m not sure if being tired the next day was quite worth it, but I did enjoy the story.

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