Marado Sushi

Downtown Grand Rapids finally has a sushi restaurant.

Though I noticed it was going in a couple weeks ago, I only realized it was open on Wednesday. As it happens, it had opened on Monday.

It’s at 47 Monroe Center. That’s right next to Grand Rapids’ police department. Grand Rapids’ police department is in what used to be Mackey’s World (an attempt at a children’s mall) and was before that a mall for grown-ups.

Marado Sushi itself is in a space that I’ve visited in several of it’s previous incarnations. First as “Dr. J’s,” a Jazz themed coffeehouse that was sadly doomed from the start. First, because it charged a cover for live music while free live music was going on just a block away at an open city amphitheater. Second, because it tried to be a nightclub that served coffee. You can markup alchol much more than you can coffee.

The second restaurant was a combination sandwich shop/coffeehouse. It was also doomed, competing with a restaurant that did exactly the same thing just across the street. Also, it occupied a space much larger than it needed for what it did (large enough to host Jazz bands…) and I’m pretty sure they were paying rent by the square foot.

Still, you’d think that a place that sold coffee and donuts and was located next to the police department would survive.

So now we’ve got Marado Sushi in that same place. The sushi seems good. At least it did when I got take out on Thursday. I bought the very cheapest assortment of sushi they sell (10.95). The woman who took my order seemed unsure that I would be full on something that small and gave me a house salad for free. It turned out to be 6 pieces of sushi plus a tuna roll (cut in 6 pieces) plus the salad. For me at least, that’s filling enough for lunch.

Apparently, it’s the first time that the cook/owner has actually run a restaurant. Previously, she’s run a sushi stand (something like that). They’re currently still figuring out the system for getting the food to the diner in reasonable time and how many waitresses they really need.

Once they get their system down, it seems possible that they’ll survive. More spaces seem to be occupied downtown. The old Steketee’s department store looks like it will become the local offices for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The new art museum will be a short block away. This kind of professional, cultural environment might bring enough people who like sushi downtown.

At any rate, I hope so.

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  1. Hey, you liked Marado Sushi? Cool, I work there. I work nights typically so you probably didn’t see me. I’m glad you think we can survive there. With the price of sushi being so exorbidant, I’m sure we’ll at least pay the rent.

  2. Actually, I’m thinking the price for sushi is surprisingly cheap by comparison to most places I’ve been.

    What’s more surprising is getting a comment from someone connected with the organization. I’m going to guess you looked up the restaurant in Google.

    I’ll have to keep in mind that something I write about might actually be read by people I don’t know…

    Whatever the case, I hope Marado pays the rent. GR needs more sushi.

  3. Hey , my girlfreind worked there, and I know the guy who commented above…
    yeah the service is slow, but the food is excellent

  4. Wow. Google lead me to this journal and well… I helped open the restaurant with Mrs. Jados. BTW, she owned the Alpine Teriyaki and Sushi restaurant in Comstock Park. I certainly hope you liked the food, I also hope the service is getting faster!

    It was unfortunate that it took so long to get the store open since I moved to Albuquerque, NM the week after our Grand Opening.

    I’m coming to GR for X-mas and Marado is definately on my list of things to do!

  5. To judge from Google, this blog is Marado’s primary web presence. A good thing that it’s overall positive, eh?

    I’ve been back once since the original blog entry. I had no problem with the service. It seemed fast enough then. To my amusement, my wife noticed Paul Collins (a locally well known artist) eating there with his wife. That’s kind of cool.

  6. So, Google led me here as well…

    I was looking for a website or listing for Marado (wasn’t sure I spelled the name right), because a coworker who absolutely loves sushi recommended this place highly.

    I work downtown at the Van Andel Research Institute and we have food delivered occasionally for meetings. I wonder if they deliver? I’ll call and check it out. Sushi would make a wonderful change from box lunches and subs!

    We have researchers from all over the world, so we get the inside scoop on all the best local ethnic cuisine. Mikado Sushi on 28th Street is another insider’s tip.

    To all the Marado employees: Good luck with the restaurant! Downtown really needs something like this. I’ll spread the word to my friends and coworkers.


  7. I’m suprised by the number of you here that think that they serve good sushi. I love eating sushi and trying different restaurants. I was glad to see conservative GR branching out like this, but I really think the food is subpar at this place. Most sushi lovers look forward to the salad with ginger dressing – the salad was frozen (how do you screw up salad)and the dressing tasted like hellman’s mayo. The slamon sushi – tasteless. For $35, I would rather eat at Yesterdog. For real sushi, do yourself a favor and go to the Tokyo Grill in Kentwood – the food is worth the price.

  8. I have been to Marado Sushi on quite a few different occasions. I am a student at GVSU and I was introduced to sushi here and i am glad that i was. Although the service seemed to be somewhat slow last year, they have really picked up the pace this year. I have had sushi in several other locations now, but marado sushi is certainly the best. If you are someone who has never had sushi, but are very curious about it, I sincerely reccomend the “Crazy Boy Roll” I believe that it is priced somewhere around 7.95 and it is most certainly my favorite. I hope that Marados will survive because i havent had better sushi anywhere. Good Luck to all of the Employees..keep up the good work!

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