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I’ve often been curious about the statistics for my blog. Thanks to Michael Hall, I now know.

Despite my fears, it turns out that not everyone is running Mozilla on Freebsd and happens to have the exact same ip address as I do. In fact, some people appear to arrive at my site as a result of search engines. This is kind of cool for a number of reasons. One of them is that it allows me to swipe a page out of Nate’s book and do a blog entry commenting on search keyphrases.

millenium park grand rapids:The most popular way to find my blog despite the fact that I’ve only one entry that even touches on Millenium Park and the closest I come to the top is three pages in.
san chez bistro: Again, only one entry on my part, but a very good restaurant.
i have a scream remix: I can’t imagine why people would still be looking for this or why my blog (of the thousands that commented on it) gets any hits on this topic at all.

And then there are the wierd ones:
faking international marriage in canada
rotting fish sauce
2004 email address of directors of power supply in spain

The people looking for tech support who got me instead:
install gnome 2.6 online
outlook sending multiple copies of the same email
freebsd deinstall gnome

And finally:
calvin college blog: I actually went to Hope College, Calvin’s rival. Not that that really matters.

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