Millers’ Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Restaurant

We go to more restaurants than we ought to.

I do all the cooking, and, when I work late, eating out becomes a necessity. Tonight was one of those nights. The eggplant that I bought for a meat and eggplant curry had become slimy. Rather than waiting for me to go to the store, we went out to Miller’s.

Millers’, like Travellers’ Club & Tuba Museum in Lansing, used to be (in the late 1800’s) part of a chain of ice cream parlors. It still serves ice cream (at least 30 flavors). It also serves what I’d describe as diner food–burgers, fries, beef, mashed potatoes, and deep fried shrimp.

But wait, as they say in the Ginsu knife commercials, there’s more. They also serve breakfast all day. And… Owing to nature of the multi-cultural society we live in, the new owners are originally Lebanese. Thus, Millers’ now serves Lebanese food too.

It’s both good and cheap. We generally get out for under $20 for two adults and two kids.

Where is this wonderful place? Here.

3 thoughts on “Millers’ Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Restaurant”

  1. It is cool.

    It’s also close enough that we can walk there during the summer. This makes it ideal.

    Strangely, it’s only one of three Middle-eastern restaurants within walking distance. And if we’re willing to drive for 5 minutes we can go to three more. Plus two Middle-eastern groceries.

    I’m not sure how this happened, but if you like hummus, falafel, tabouleh and other foods, it’s a good thing.

  2. Rumor has it that the old original Miller’s ice cream, made in Michigan is coming back. I’ve seen it sold in a few stores in Midland, Saginaw, and Lansing. Maybe some of the old Miller’s ice cream shops will come back as well.

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