Java JNaming JConventions

One thing that randomly irks me about Java is the naming conventions. For example: Swing is the newer version of Java’s user interface library. The older version didn’t go away. It’s just not used as much even though it still serves as the basis for much of the newer stuff.

Thus, the applet class in the old version becomes JApplet in the new. Frame becomes JFrame. Panel becomes JPanel. If you’re familiar with the old name you can get the new name just by adding a “J” to it.

While sensible, it irritates me and grows monotonous very quickly.

I keep on wondering how the person who decided to use this particular convention writes in real life.

I imagine him emailing his girlfriend/wife things like “I JLong to JTouch your JBody.”

P.S. If it somehow happens that this blog entry finds the person who came up with that naming convention, well… I have only one thing to say: No, I do not have a better idea.

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