I’m struggling to come up with an exciting first entry for this blog and to be honest, it’s not happening. In an ideal world, I’d write something really cool. In this world you’re going to have to be content with a list.

Here are the some topics I hope to hit:

1. My ever unfinished novel “The Interurban Electric Band”–currently stalled due to graduate school.
That being said, I am on the third draft. I hope to get back to it this semester. Unfortunately, I say this at the beginning of every semester.
2. Graduate School: I’m currently nearing the end of a masters in Information Systems. I’m pretty strongly interested in distributed computing, databases and (in particular) data mining. Look forward to reading about my thesis when I figure out what it will be on.
3. Sociology: I’ve got a masters in sociology. I’ve got to do something with it.
4. Religion: I’ve got a BA in religion and attended seminary for 2 years. See above.
5. Storytelling: Particularly as it applies to movies, books, comics and role playing games.
6. Life in General: I’m married, have 2 daughters and 5 cats. Also, I work for 2 cash-strapped non-profits (non-profits are cash strapped by definition). There’s got to be some material there.
7. Music: When I have time (i.e. not recently) I play bass guitar, trumpet and sing (I have a few years of voice training/choral experience).
8. Politics, economics, philosophy, history and a bunch of other areas in which my opinions are unconstrained by actual knowlege.
9. Progress in my goal to find a full time, decently-paid job before I finish my degree.

Despite the numbers, I don’t plan to pursue these topics in any particular order.

Also, for the benefit of those readers who happen to be my wife, I’d like to indicate that the numbers don’t indicate the relative importance of any particular topic.

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