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Gross? Yes. But, At Least We Know He's Not Dehydrated

websick.jpg So, I've been feeling a little guilty about neglecting this blog lately. Haven't been posting anything complicated or interesting. Just the occasional (very short) slice of life or really easy entry about something I've known about for years, and today I thought I should do something about that.

So I decided to post a picture of my cat 'cause everyone likes cats. They're cute, right?

P.S. And in case someone from Cute Overload reads this... Yes, I did discover your site via Slashdot. How'd you know?

P.P.S. In case you're wondering, the cat is sick and does not like his medication. This picture shows him doing his best to get every last molecule out of his mouth.


Actually, I think cats are evil, devil animals and should be destroyed but that still makes them interesting on the blog, I guess.

And before anyone lambasts me for being a mean, unfeeling animal-hater... I'm deathly alergic to cats so I'm allowed to dislike them.

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